About us

Murphy Generations farm is a family operation located near Girard, Kansas.  We provide beef, field crops, cover crop seed, and wood products.

Our goals for the farm include:
Generational:  We want to pass the farm to the next generation.

Healthy:  We want to produce healthy food and wood products for our family and customers.

Regenerative:  We want to regenerate our farm ecosystem through farming methods that improve soil and plant health.


Our farm has history that extends into the late 1800's with Ezekiel Smith homesteading on 160 acres that we currently farm.  His family included Daniel Smith, father to Marjorie Murphy, who also farmed on 80 acres we currently farm.  Marjorie Murphy (Smith)  married Warren Murphy.  Warren grew up farming in the area with his father Hoyt Murphy.  Warren worked as a welder and farmed with his son Steve Murphy and grandson Jeff Murphy.

Jeff and Steve continue to farm along with Jeff's family- wife Sabrina and kids, Owen (15), Aubree (13), Ellie (10), and Asher (6).  

Asher, Ellie, Dad